Complete Turn-Key
    Education Management Systems

  • CEL-MS™ – Clinical E-Learning Management: Tools to create, manage and track all training and educational activities Clinical “Blended Learning” tools to Develop, Deliver and Manage Curricula, Courses, Modules, Scales, Just-in-time SOP’s, whether on-line, on-site programs / seminars and more.
  •  CME/CE/Credits-MS™ – This Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education Management System offers tools to develop, manage and track learners online and on demand, including activity registration, pre- and post-tests, evaluations, and printable/archived certificates, for live and enduring (print, web, etc) educational activities.
  •  PET-MS™ – Your Personal Education and Training Management System. Eliminate Auditing and Compliance Risks. Personalized accounts to help develop, organize and manage your Professional Value™. Set reminders, Track your Past, Present and Future PET records CME/CH and other credits no matter who provides them or where they come from.
  •  IEEN-MS™ - The international Electronic Education Network Management System:  A global marketplace of over 300,000+ healthcare providers where anyone can access public Libraries of Education, Training and Certification Programs from Governments, Universities, Private, NPOs and other types. Created for Authors, Educators, CME/CH Providers, copyright holders and Publishing Houses.
  • NOTE: All systems come with free customer support and your own personal support manager